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  • HVAC Products

    activTek offers a line of highly effective, reliable, plenum-mount and in-unit air purification products to solve some of the most common and difficult environmental issues related to ductwork and HVAC systems.

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  • Health & Medical Products

    Maintaining a clean and odor free environment is critical for the comfort and well-being of both patients and staff. activTek provides convenient and cost effective solutions to reduce odors while helping to maintain a healthier environment.

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  • Residential/New Construction Products

    Whether building a new residence, remodeling an existing one, or just getting ready to make quick improvements, maintaining a cleaner, fresher, healthier environment requires treating pollutants and contaminants at the source.

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  • Food Service Products

    In an industry where smell and taste are top priorities, handling smoke and odors can be challenging. For controlling cooking and tobacco smoke, or keeping the lingering scent of yesterday's menu from ruining today's special, or just making better ice, activTek brings something innovative to the kitchen.

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  • General Commercial Products

    activTek products are more than just air, they target the whole indoor environment. From the carpet to the dumpster to the floor vent, activTek's environmental solutions are built for one purpose; a cleaner, healthier indoor space.

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Why activTek?

The Environmental Protection Agency ranks indoor air pollution among the top five environmental health risks and states "The best way to address this risk is to control or eliminate the sources of pollution...". Working to reduce or eliminate pollution at its source is the foundation of activTek's air purification line. We provide environmental conditioning products that actively work out in the environment, taking the solution to the source, where it's needed most.

"ActivePure Technology
Inducted into the 2017 Space Technology Hall of Fame by The Space Foundation"

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activTek's ActivePure Technology products utilize technology originally developed for use on the International Space Station, and are recognized as Certified Space Technology by the Space Foundation.

"The results were amazing.
Within the first few hours, we began
to notice a distinctive,
natural odor throughout
the restaurant."

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"In October...purifiers were placed in the unit with truly remarkable results. Subsequently, units have been placed throughout the facility, again, with very positive results."

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"We have a lot of pets and have been talking about getting an air purifier for some time. Four dogs and five cats can really take a toll on a house."

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"We have been very pleased with the results we have achieved through using the activTek technology. Customers frequently notice the technology we use, and comment on how it reinforces their perception..."

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AP 3000 (9940040)

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INDUCT 2000 (US40532)

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INDUCT 500 (US40509B)

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INDUCT 10000 (US40537)

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Learn All About Our ActivePure Technology and its Effectiveness Watch VideoLearn More About ActivePure Here