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Top activTek Product Questions

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AP 3000 | INDUCT 500 | INDUCT 2000 | INDUCT 5000 | INDUCT 10000 | Ozone Blaster | PHX

AP 3000
AP 3000

What is the square footage on the AP 3000?

up to 3000 square feet.

What is the warranty on the AP 3000?

3 year parts and labor and 1 year on the RCI (Radiant Catalytic Ionization) Cell.

What does it mean when the LCD screen reads normal?

The RCI Technology is operating in the unit and not the ozone generator. This means no ozone is being produce from the unit when it is in normal mode just the Advanced Oxidation Plasma (AOPs) from the RCI Cell.

activTek INDUCT 500

What is the square footage of the activTek INDUCT 500?

Up to 500 square feet.

What application is best for activTek INDUCT 500?

This unit is best used in a hotel PTAC unit or a window mounted unit.

Does activTek INDUCT 500 remove particulates?

Not as well as the AP 3000. The RCI technology in activTek INDUCT 500 does produce ions as part of the purifying plasma and therefore the ionization is only marginally effective against particulates.

Does the activTek INDUCT 500 system operate continuously?

Yes. The activTek INDUCT 500 system works 24 hours a day to cleanse the air.

What is the activTek INDUCT 500 unit treating?

The unit is designed to reduce odors, air pollutants, VOC's, mold and bacteria.

activTeki INDUCT 2000

What is the coverage for the residential activTek INDUCT 2000 units?

2000 square feet.

What is the temperature rating for the activTek INDUCT 2000 units?

Maximum of 185 degrees F if using activTek INDUCT 2000 units. With gas and oil fired furnaces, verify the temperature at the location activTek INDUCT 2000 units are to be installed. Make sure it does not exceed the maximum temperature. If the temperature is too high, seek a location further down the duct for the installation.

Have any actual scientific studies been conducted on activTek INDUCT 2000 units?

Yes, The Kansas State University showed 99.999% kill rates on molds and bacteria using a 3000 sq. ft. test chamber. Information can be found on the commercial website.

How do we decide which or what activTek INDUCT unit to place in a small commercial unit?

(eg. Bank) Guidelines for sizing the units are provided on the spec sheets. Proper unit application is governed by matching the amount of solution to the amount of pollution. Guidelines on the spec sheets look at three parameters: 1) the amount of area and the pollution load of that area 2) and/or the size of the AC unit in tons or 3) or cfm air flow.

How much time is required for the activTek INDUCT to affect all the air in a 2,000 sq. foot home?

Testing showed maximum efficiency in four days.

activTek INDUCT 5000

INDUCT 5000If the activTek INDUCT utilizes our RCI technology (Radiant Catalytic Ionization) , yet it does not produce ions, there seems to be a conflict here. What's the explanation please?

Don't confuse oxidation with ionization. The RCI does not produce ions. The AP 3000 utilizes negative needle ionization as well as pulsating ion generation.

Since mold grows in the drain pan of an air handler, why not install the activTek INDUCT unit in the plenum of the air handler to stop mold?

activTek INDUCT units can be installed in any HVAC system directly into the plenum or directly above air handler in a remote or down stream locations.

What happens to the output of the activTek INDUCT when the fan is off?

It can cause a build up of oxidizing gases. We recommend the use of a motor controller (see information on Variflow by Hoffman Controls) to allow the fan to run continuously, or to cycle the activTek INDUCT 5000 with the fan..

activTek INDUCT 10000
INDUCT 10000

When installing activTek INDUCT in existent building more dust is coming out of ducts due to build-up. Should we recommend duct cleaning first?


Is the activTek INDUCT CE certified?

activTek INDUCT has CSA and ENTELA certifications.

Why does the activTek INDUCT never need cleaning? Won't dust settle on it after 6 months of use?

The natural ionization that takes place near the lamp repels dirt.

Will the ozone from the activTek INDUCT harm the soft duct works?

(We've had conflicting answers to this question. Perhaps, the oxidation would hurt it because it is made of polyethylene.) The advanced oxidation gasses of the activTek INDUCT do not have the same properties as ozone. They will not degrade the materials. The ozone output is less than .02 ppm.

There has been much discussion as to whether you should install the activTek INDUCT on the Supply air side of the unit as our brochures show and specify or is it OK to install in the Return air?

activTek INDUCT will be of greatest benefit if it is on the supply side of the air handler. Heated or cooled air will flow thru it, be purified, the advanced oxidation gasses will then flow thru the ducts, cleansing them, and going out the vents into the airspace of each room of the house. These gasses will return to the HVAC system from the rooms and have a mold and germ prevention effect on the coils. Another reason not to put the activTek INDUCT on the return side of the system is since coils are usually wet, the oxidant gases will dissolve into the water and be drained away and not be available to go through the rest of the ducts and into the house.

Ozone Blaster
Ozone Blaster

What is the square footage for the Ozone Blaster?

Up to 3000 square feet.

Can the Ozone Blaster be used in occupy places?

The Ozone Blaster is designed to be used in unoccupied place for treatment of heavy odor.

What is the warranty on the Ozone Blaster?

3 years parts and labor and 90 days on the plates.

How much ozone is produced from the Ozone Blaster?

0-1,200 mg/hr (milligrams per hour)

What is the maintenance for the Ozone Blaster?

General maintenance on the surface of the unit and plates should be cleaned with 50/50 ammonia solution every 30 to 45 days.


What is the warranty on the PHX cell?

1 year

What is the coverage area of the PHX?

Up to 500 square feet

How long should the RCI cell in the PHX last?

Approximately 9,000 hours or 1 year

Does the PHX unit have any certifications such as ETL or UL?

Yes. The PHX has ETL approval but not UL. Both ETL and UL are NRTLs (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories) governed by OSHA - however the ballast does have UL certification.

What is the maintenance on the PHX?

The only maintenance on the PHX would be changing the RCI cell every 9,000 hours or 1 year and cleaning the particulate screen.