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It's been said that people today spend more than 90% of their time indoors. If that's true, the quality of the indoor environment should be a major concern for everyone. Even if the number is 50%, spending half the time in a smokey, contaminated, or odor-filled environment should simply be too much to ask.

Environmental quality can potentially affect performance, attendance, satisfaction, and financial as well as personal health. As awareness and interest in creating and maintaining a healthy indoor environment increase, activTek continues to develop, test, and produce useable, easy to install, and effective ways to treat sources of contamination, odors, and smoke. In the air and on surfaces, activTek's ActivePure® technology offers a more powerful, synergistic, nature-based environmental conditioning process with greater overall effectiveness than simple filtration or germicidal UV lamps.

ActivePure Technology

All activTek ActivePure® Technology products are tested to insure a level of performance and effectiveness for environmental conditioning. For more about ActivePure┬« and related testing, see the Technology section of this site.